FetchGIS Help


The Help contents provide information about using FetchGIS services. Use the Menu at the top of the screen to navigate to a specific topic.

The Quick Start is a general overview for audiences familiar with FetchGIS or other similar mapping applications.

For more detailed Help, start with the options under Using Fetch on the Menu at the top of the screen.

Video Tutorials are also available and organized by topic. The FetchGIS Video Tutorials can be accessed using the link below: FetchGIS Video Tutorials

Help Menus

Quick Start

The FetchGIS Quick Start guide provides a general overview of the menus and tools available for exploring a community. For more detailed Help, start with the options under Using Fetch on the Menu at the top of the screen.

Map Navigation

Map Navigation is conducted using common navigation tools accessed from the Navigation Tool bar, including Zoom In/Out, Zoom to Extent, Navigation (history) Back, Navigation Forward, and Pan. The mouse scroll wheel can also be used to Zoom In/Out incrementally in addition to the Incremental Zoom (+/-) buttons displayed to the left of the Navigation Tool bar.

Map Navigation on a mobile device includes touch and drag to Pan the map, and pinch in or out to Zoom In/Zoom Out. The navigation bar is not available on phones.

Information Windows

To view Information Windows the Pan Tool must be the active Navigation Tool. Information about features, most commonly parcels, is displayed incrementally using the following steps:

  1. Move the cursor over a parcel to view an Information Window containing the Parcel Number and an option to ‘Click for more info’ (see the number one (1) in the FetchGIS Workspace image below).

  2. Selecting ‘Click for more info’ opens another Information Window containing additional parcel information, such as the Owner Name and Address, along with the option to ‘Show Details’ (see the number two (2) in the FetchGIS Workspace image below).

  3. Selecting ‘Show Details’ opens the Land Information Pane to display parcel record details for the selected parcel. The Land Information Pane provides the option to create a Parcel Report that includes a map of the parcel and the parcel record details (see the number three (3) in the FetchGIS Workspace image below).

    Note that some communities charge a fee to access parcel record details and create a Parcel Report

FetchGIS Workspace

Main Menu Bar

The Main Menu Bar provides access to a number of options including Map Tools, Search Options, Printing, Help and displaying a GPS location on the map. These options are described further below.

Log In - Used to access Private Access Services and Fee Access Services.

Available Communities - Used to change the current FetchGIS service to another community.

Map Tools - Provides access to a number of tools used to interact with the map display including Draw, Measure, Buffer and more.

Toggle Layers - Displays the Layer Groups and Layers available in the current FetchGIS service. Provides a legend and visibility toggle for Layer Groups and Layers.

Toggle GPS - Displays the current location of a user on the map when GPS is enabled on their mobile device. Note, positional accuracy is determined by the mobile device and not FetchGIS.

Share This Map - Creates a tiny URL that can be shared with others. Shared maps preserve the current layers, graphic markup and map scale.

Print - Used to open the Printing Pane and create a custom map that can be printed or saved as a PDF.

Help - Used to access FetchGIS Help documentation and General Information.